Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Dispenser – Waterdrop WD-N1-W

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System size
Product dimensions
17.1 x 7.0 x 17.8 inches
Feed water temperature
Daily production rate
Feed water requirement
Municipal tap water
Power specification
Input 100-240V AC; Output 24V DC

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Dissatisfied with traditional under-sink RO filters?
Many people complain about these systems and their difficult installation processes. Others also talk about how it is uninformative about water quality and TDS levels. And being a permanent fixture, you can only access fresh water where it’s set up. There has to be a better option without these problems.
This is where our countertop reverse osmosis water filter comes in handy. It’s a plug-and-play device, so no need to install. It’s smooth and easy to operate, plus it analyzes water quality in real time with its smart screen.
Get clean, purified water anytime you want with the Waterdrop N1 Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System!
Our tabletop water dispenser has 2 filter cartridges that offer a 4-stage filtration process. This system removes 1,000+ impurities, including metals, large particles, and chlorine. The water then runs through a light for further purification, which you can set at 20 or 60 minutes for the machine to handle automatically.
This RO water purifier has a smart display screen that shows the machine’s status and the water quality. Get real-time information on TDS levels, tank contents, and filter life and rest assured you are drinking fresh water every time. Choose from 4oz, 8oz, 16oz, or manual volume setting up to 1.5L for precise water delivery without spills.
With the 3:1 drain ratio of this countertop water dispenser with filter, you’re making the eco-conscious choice. It features a water recycling technology that re-filters any waste water. Paired with its automatic flushing and standby functions, you’ll save money on power and water while helping the Earth.
What is reverse osmosis water systems?
As a water purification process, Reverse Osmosis (RO) relies on a partially permeable membrane to remove contaminants from water. Pressure plays an important role during the process – the applied pressure must be higher than the osmotic pressure. The osmotic pressure is a colligative property that is based on the thermodynamic parameter called chemical potential differences of the solvent. In the end, the solute stays on the pressurized end of the membrane, while the pure water passes through the membrane to the other side. The “selective” nature of the membrane means only filtered, contaminants-free water molecules pass through it; the large molecules or ions do not.
Do you need to have an electrical outlet for this work?
As a standard appliance, this product will need to be plugged into one electrical outlet to function normally.
How often do you need to replace Waterdrop countertop water dispenser with filter?
The CF filter features a 6-month lifespan and the MRO filter can last up to 18 months, so you won’t need to replace them until much later.
How to install countertop water dispenser with filter?
The N1 countertop reverse osmosis water dispenser is installation free and requires no drilling nor messy holes.
What is the best countertop water dispenser?
A countertop water filter gives you access to clean water right at your kitchen sink.
You need no tools or plumbing skills to install the system. So, if you are in a rental home or temporary living space as well as small apartments where you cannot have under-sink installations, please consider this countertop water filter.
You will find several countertop water filter models in the market. But when choosing, look out for models with a RO membrane. That’s not all, you should also consider other important features like the water flow rate, certification, filter life time, and size.
Why is the TDS value in the feed water tank higher than that of the added tap water?
Our system uses advanced drain water recycling technology. The recycled water will go back into the feed water tank, so the TDS value of the water in the tank will be higher than that of the feed water. With this technology, you will save more water than the traditional reverse osmosis system.
Why is the TDS value in the feed water tank always changing when the machine filters water?
When the machine start to filter water, the recycled concentrated water continuously enters the feed water tank, resulting in a continuous change in the TDS value when the concentrated water mixes with the raw water. It tends to be stable after filtration.
Why does the water have a peculiar smell?
a. This might be the case if the countertop reverse osmosis system is not fully flushed. Only use the machine after flushing according to the instructions for the first installation.
b. This might also be the case if the system has not been used for a while. Follow the emptying mode to flush.
c. This might happen if the filter has not been replaced after expiration. In this case, please replace the filter immediately.
Are top reverse osmosis systems worth it?
Yes. Impurities don’t stand a chance with our countertop RO system. The two filter cartridges were made of reverse osmosis membrane, carbon block, and PP cotton.
In the entire filtration process, the system reduces most of harmful substances like chloramine in your tap water, reduces TDS and significantly improves water taste.
If the water in the feed water tank does not get to the lowest water level, the machine displays L1 to prompt a water change. What does this mean?
When the TDS value of the filtered water is higher than 99ppm and the water quality is poor, the screen will display L1 to prompt a water change. The continued use of the water in the feed water tank will shorten the filter life and damage the machine. Therefore, when the machine displays L1, please pour the water out of the feed water tank and replace it with new water to use the machine.
Why is the machine not delivering filtered water?
a. This might be the case if the machine is not powered on. Check on whether the power plug is loose or not plugged in.
b. There might be insufficient or no water in the purified water tank (not the feed water tank). The screen displays a countdown of 99 seconds and water will be taken after the countdown is over.
Why is the countertop water dispenser leaking?
This might be due to:
a. A full drip tray. Please empty the water stored in the drip tray.
b. A foreign matter getting stuck in the check valve at the bottom of the feed water tank. Please use a small thimble or your finger to resist the sealing valve and remove the foreign matter.
c. A leakage inside the machine. Kindly turn off the power and water supply and contact our customer service team.
Is this reverse osmosis water filter system unit suitable for well water?
We do not recommend using well water as source for our RO systems. The reasons are as follows:
1. Large particles. Compared to municipal tap water, the well water is rich of large particles, which will clog the filters easily, and shorten their lifetime significantly.Please note that the filters will still need to be replaced more frequently, even if you have added a pre-filtration system. 2. Composition The well water has very complicated compostion, and some of them (apart from the large particles) can cause the filter or internal valve to be clogged and prevent the RO system from normal performance. 3. Water pressure The well water may not provide the feed water pressure that the RO system requires (14.5 psi min.). Furthermore, the water pressure will be even lower after passing through pre-filtration systems.
UV Sterilization
The UV light is automatically activated every hour to eliminate bacteria and viruses in the feed water, leaving you with pure and safe filtered water ready for drinking.
Next Level Filtration
Our countertop reverse osmosis system leaves impurities with no chance. The two filter cartridges are powered by a combination of reverse osmosis membrane, carbon block, and PP cotton. In the entire filtration process, the system reduces most of harmful substances like chloramine in your tap water, reduces TDS and significantly improves water taste.
Five Intelligent Functions, All for You
TDS display
Filter life indicator
Multiple volume settings
Water shortage indicator
Auto-flush indicator
Sustainable Home Appliance
Unlike the traditional countertop RO systems that produce excess drain water, the innovative system features a drain water recycling technology to minimize water wastage.
Power consumption is never a problem. The system automatically runs in a standby mode or sleep mode to minimize power consumption when not in use.
No Installation
The installation process of this countertop water dispenser with filter system is not demanding or technical. Just find a socket and plug it in, and you can enjoy the pure water anywhere. When it comes to filter replacement, you are in and out in three seconds without using any tool.
Long Lifespan
From reliable filters to durable materials, the build quality of this filter system will surely stand the test of time. The service life of the filters is 6-18 months.
With its quiet operation, this countertop reverse osmosis system can be in your living room, RV, kitchen, office or bedroom without ever being a bother.
Your Purchase, Your Love
Invest in sustainability, lasting clean water, and improved health for children and their families.
Care for baby’s health
Newborns are very delicate. Compared to tap water, RO water is purer, cleaner and more suitable for babies. Milk obtained by dissolving milk powder with RO water is easier to absorb for babies.

N1 RO Filtration System

M5 RO Filtration System

G3P800 RO Filtration System

G3 RO Filtration System

D6 RO Filtration System

G2P600 RO Filtration System

Beneficial Minerals
Flow Rate
75 GPD
50 GPD
800 GPD
400 GPD
600 GPD
600 GPD
Pure to Drain Rate
Drain ratio stands for the ratio of wastewater and purified water dispensed by a RO system. For example, the 3:1 drain ratio means it uses up a gallon of wastewater for every 3 gallons of pure water you get.
Smart faucet
Smart faucet
Smart faucet
Ordinary faucet
Filter lifespan & TDS
Filter lifespan & TDS
Filter lifespan & TDS
Filter lifespan & TDS
Filter lifespan


Holiday mode


Electricity Required


RO Membrane
Filter Cartridges
Filter Lifespan
CF-6 MthsMRO-18 Mths
12 Mths
CF-6 MthsCB-12 MthsRO-24 Mths
CF-6 MthsCB-12 MthsRO-24 Mths
12 Mths
CF-12 MthsP6MRO-24 Mths

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