Under Sink Single Stage Water Filter

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Operating temperature
5-38℃/ 41-100℉

Working pressure
14-87 psi (1-6 bar)

Flow rate
1.32 gpm/ 5 Ipm

Filter capacity
up to 8000 gallons/ 30280 liters (for chlorine reduction)

Feed water requirement
municipal tap water

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Waterdrop under counter single stage water filter adopts a compact design while providing you with an outstanding water filtration experience. The ultimate aim is to improve the quality of your tap water using advanced filtration technology. The system uses PP cotton and activated carbon to reduce impurities in your tap water, including rust, heavy metals, sediment, chlorine, taste, and odor. It also ensures the safety of the filtered water, thanks to a 100% safe, recyclable housing, which makes the filter free of harmful heavy metals like chromium, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, polybrominated biphenyls, cadmium, mercury, and lead.
Unlike other under sink water filtration systems in the market, this Waterdrop under cabinet water filter can enlarge its filter area to deliver a superior filtration performance. The water inlet and outlet are also larger than usual to ensure a smooth, stable, and fast water flow of up to 1.3 gpm.
Get this Waterdrop water filter for sink to guarantee safe, healthy, and clean drinking water for you and your family at all times.

What is the difference between U8-ST and U8-FC?

While you can connect WD-U8-ST directly to your original kitchen faucet without drilling a hole on your countertop, WD-U8-FC is designed to use our exclusive stainless-steel faucet, which requires drilling a hole on your countertop.

What are the differences between U8-ST / U8-FC and WD-UA / UB?

Our U8-ST/U8-FC under sink water filtration system functions by enlarging the filter area to provide an improved overall filtration performance. The filtration is more intensive as the water passes through the filter for longer. So, the filtered water is well-filtered with a much better taste. Also, U8-ST/U8-FC have larger outlet and inlet sizes than the WD-UA/UB, which translates to a faster and more consistent water flow.

How to install this under counter single stage water filter?

It is a simple DIY installation. Start by connecting the red tubing to the cold water source and red filter inlet. The next step is to connect the blue tubing to the blue filter outlet and faucet inlet. You can be done in less than 3 minutes and start using your system without any external help from a plumber.

How to replace the filter for this under sink water filtration system?

Once you twist the old filter, you can remove it and install the new filter with another twist. However, you should turn off the water valve before replacing the filter.

How long is the service life of this single stage filter?

You can get up to 8,000 gallons of water, although the exact amount depends on the local water requirement. We advise that you do a filter replacement once the filtered water comes with an unusual taste.

What contaminants can this under counter water purifier reduce?

This filter system is effective against chlorine, odor, large particles, heavy metals, and other impurities in your tap water.

What are the pros of this single stage water filtration system?

The filter combination in this Waterdrop under counter single stage water filter includes PP cotton and premium carbon, which ensures an effective reduction of heavy metals, large particles, odor, and chlorine. The somewhat larger filter size also guarantees a more effective filtration. The housing material adopted is 100% safe, with no content of heavy metals. You also get up to 8,000 gallons of filtered water over time, at a flow rate of 1.3 gpm. Waterdrop is here to deliver an optimized filtration experience!

What filtration materials does this under cabinet water filter use?

The filtration materials here include PP cotton and premium activated carbon, which helps improve water taste and reduce contaminants.

Can Waterdrop undersink water filter be recycled?

Yes, they can. We have adopted only 100% recyclable and eco-friendly materials in this system. Our choice of heavy metal-free housing ensures harmful metals like chromium, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, polybrominated biphenyls, cadmium, mercury, and lead do not contaminate the environment when the old filter is discarded.

Powerful Filtration
Waterdrop under counter single stage water filter efficiently reduces chlorine, odor, taste, heavy metals, particles, sediments, and more in tap water. Overall, your drinking water tastes better and crispier.

Two Available Options
You can connect option A directly to your original kitchen faucet, removing the need to drill a hole. Option B comes with an exclusive stainless-steel faucet that requires drilling a hole. Both options provide you with excellent filtration experience with stable and fast water flow, allowing your household to enjoy fresh and pure water.

Larger Filter Area
We made the diameter and length of the undersink water filter wider and longer to create an enlarged filtration area. This means you get a higher filtration capacity and longer life.

Trustworthy Materials
The Waterdrop water filter for sink contains no harmful heavy metals, such as lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls, and more. It adopts only eco-friendly materials; hence, you can rest assured of drinking safe water with no health risks.

Versatile Applications With Single Filter
The under counter water purifier satisfies your family’s multiple water needs for the whole day, including drinking water, cleaning, cooking, and feeding pets. Now you can enjoy optimal purification at all times.

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