2022 Gift Guide For Holiday

The Best Gifts for New Moms  

This is very best for our moms. This “not obviously a diaper bag” diaper bag is beloved by Strategist writer Lauren Ro for its thoughtful design, which can be worn as a backpack or converted into a tote via a shoulder strap. Best gift for moms is bag dress.

The Best Gifts for Wives

The perfect present for your wife does exist, and it might just be in this roundup. Many of our picks for her are available on Amazon — like this bathtub caddy for holding soaps, scrubs, a book, and a wineglass.

The Best Gift for Boyfriends

If he has been denying your requests for a wish list, this guide is for you. We found lots of gifts for all kinds of boyfriends — including a foldable smartphone keyboard, a pasta machine, Hua Hsu’s favorite spicy peanuts, and our favorite pair of men’s performance sweatpants. 

The Best Gifts for Brothers

For the brother who travels for work or is planning a trip abroad, this handy Bluetooth adapter will allow him to connect AirPods or other wireless headphones to an aux-cable source, like an airplane’s onboard system, 

The Best Gifts for Dads

Some dads are movie critics who’d appreciate a new way to spice up their popcorn at home. Others are podcasters (in their own minds) looking to kit out their sound booths with professional microphones. And some are golfers ready to turn the living room into a practice course. For the last dad, try this setup with three different holes (or pins) that “make it kind of like three practice greens in one, since each requires a slightly different approach,

The Best Gifts for Girlfriends

Whether it has been three months or three years, shopping for a thoughtful gift for your special someone requires some digging. If you’re looking to spice things up, this small Dame Fin vibrator will act like an extension of your fingers, making it great for couple’s play or for them to use solo.

The Best Gifts for Sisters

You may have very similar tastes to your sister(s) — or perhaps you’re drastically different. In either case, figuring out what they like can still be fun. For journaling newbies (or veterans), you can’t go wrong with this uplifting journal, which Debby Ryan says has led to “productivity and positivity along with pride and confidence” and is backed by therapists.

The Best Gifts for 12-Year-Olds

When choosing a gift for an almost-teenager, the 18 experts (including actual 12-year-olds) we spoke to recommended items that give a recipient freedom to experiment with new interests. Lori Jepsen, who reviews and blogs about toys for Toysenberry, recommends this light box because “it has so many options for kids to express their creativity

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