Waterdrop WHF21-PG 5 Micron 2-Stage Whole House Water Filtration System

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Flow rate
Up to 12 GPM
Working pressure
25-90 psi
Operating temperatures
Feed water requirement
Municipal tap water
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Waterdrop 2-stage whole house water filtration system serves as the first line of defense for your household water.
The powerful filtration can provide your entire family with pure water. The water filtration system for home features 2-stage filtration. The first 5-micron PP cotton filter intercepts any large particles such as sediments, rust, dirt, grits, silt. The second GAC filter adopts natural coconut shell to make granular activated carbon, which reduces funny taste, odor and chlorine and improves water taste. The efficient filtration performance prolongs water-related appliances service life.
The reinforced structure is durable and firm. The whole system has passed vigorous test to stand 300 psi pressure without crack and burst. It also passes 100,000+ water hammer tests to ensure its resistance to sudden water pressure. The whole system has been already pre-installed on the bracket, which facilities DIY installation process.
At Waterdrop, our ultimate goal is to give you the best quality water.
Are whole house water filtration systems worth it?
The WD-WHF21-PG whole house water filtration system effectively intercepts large particles, such as sand and rust. It features a longer lifespan, saving you potential replacement cost. You can enjoy clean, safe water for a long time at an affordable price while saving costs. This whole house water filtration system also protects your water-related appliances and prolongs their lifespan. By reducing particles at the first line, it further prevents potential clog and accumulation of rust in the water filter system. In the end, you spend way less on maintenance.
How do whole house water filters work?
The whole house water filter system is composed of a PP filter and a GAC filter. The PP cotton helps intercept large particles, such as sediments, rust, dirt, and grit. The GAC filter adopts natural coconut shell, which effectively filters out chlorine and odor, and also improves water taste.
How long does a whole house water filter last?
The home water filtration system guarantees a long lifespan. The GAC filter should be changed every six months, while the PP filter should be changed every 3-6 months.
Does a whole house water filter reduce water pressure?
No, the home water filtration system won’t reduce water pressure. The 1” water outlet ensures large water flow without affecting water pressure significantly.
How long does it take to install a whole house water filtration system?
The installation is so simple that you can do it on your own following the instructions in the manual. The included wrench facilitates the replacement, installation, and related processes.
Why does water leak from the housing connection?
The O-ring may not be in place or there is not enough Teflon tape on the thread. Please reapply the Teflon tape and tighten it. If it still leaks after adjusting the O-ring or threads, please contact our customer service.
Why does water leak from the pressure release button?
The pressure release button has a screw under the bracket. Tighten the screw and this should stop the leak.
Why does water flow slowly immediately after installation?
The filters may be installed incorrectly. Check to see if a piece of the plastic wrapping is still protecting the filter. Likewise, any high-flow situation within the first 72 hours after installation may cause a temporary carbon blockage. To clear the blockage, turn off any running water for at least 10 minutes and resume using water at low or normal flow rates.
Efficient Filtration Performance
The multiple layers of filtration materials ensure an efficient filtration performance, providing pure water for your household.
This first line of defense allows your family to enjoy safe water at all times.
Durable Copper Connectors
Compared to other models, this model adopts durable copper connectors, ensuring firmer connection and better compatibility.
Safer Water At Lesser Cost
This Waterdrop’s water filter for home features a longer lifespan, helping you save money on frequent filter replacements.
Adopt Premium Materials
The dual sealing rings prevent water leakage.
The reinforced structure features durable materials, and passed 300 psi water pressure and 100,000 water hammer tests.
Stable And Large Water Flow
The extensive water capacity is enough to provide the whole household with pure water, at a smooth and stable flow rate.
Available For Different Sizes Pipes
This whole house water filtration system can be connected to water pipes of different sizes.
All-around Protection For Water Appliances
This whole house water filter protects your water pipes from rust and extends the lifespan of your water-related appliances by removing the impurities that may cause clogging.
Your Purchase Your Love
Invest in sustainability, lasting clean water and improved health for children and their families.

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